• Horseshoe Bend Grand Canyon

    Strength battles Softness—and loses

    Do you ever get frustrated because.... well... you have so much... you have all the tools you need, on paper, but in spite of your best efforts, it's just NOT WORKING! Today's episode of 99 is about slowing down and…

  • Photo by Cassandra Hamer on Unsplash

    When will we recognize our Unity?

    Have you ever heard the saying that “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. There may be some truth there. But I want to take it to another level. This week’s topic is…

  • 99

    Solstice Greetings from the Sofa

    Hello friend. This is Andrew Chirch, host of Prolificate and the podcast series called 99: a Journey.  99 normally comes out each week on Friday, but I’m currently under the weather and not yet able to get an episode out. …

  • 99

    When We’re in Pain, Joy is Still There

    The theme for this episode is ecstasy, joy and expansiveness… I love joy. And let’s face it, ecstasy is in a league of its own… expansiveness, yes, please.  Here’s the sticky part though. As I release these episodes, I’ve made…