• Pic of people from high above looking like ants

    99.22 Patience of an Ant

    Are you always setting goals? Always striving for something? Are you certain that you’re ALMOST THERE, and when you finally get that one thing or do that one thing, THEN you will have arrived?? No? Good. Because that makes one…

  • Harry Potter book lying on a table surrounded by autumn leaves, and open to Dumbledores Army chapter

    99.21 Kindness like Dumbledore

    I’m speaking to the part of you that is lonely. The part you don’t let anyone see because it’s just too painful. I’m talking to the part of you that was unkind, or dishonest, or hateful. I’m talking to that…

  • Silhouetted person stepping off ledge

    99.19 How to Take the Right Steps

    Are you impatient sometimes? Do you look to the future as the solution to your problems? (Like I sometimes do). I catch myself in this mode when I’m browsing eBay or amazon for the next cool piece of electronic gear,…

  • Hands writing while covered in messy rainbow paint

    What Are You Waiting to Create?

    Do you want to know what Maya Angelou, the great poet, says about you? She said, “…we are all created creative and we can invent new scenarios as frequently as they are needed.” Did you hear that? Maya Angelou, one…

  • Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

    Our Power and Our Privilege

    Have you ever heard the saying, “there are no mistakes.” Or put another way, “there’s a reason for everything.” I’m of two minds when it comes to this episode’s theme, which is, the all-powerful force that puts you in a…

  • Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

    The One Thing You Can Really Control

    What is your biggest wish? Go ahead, think for a second. I’ll wait. Now, if someone who knows you well wrote your obituary today, would anything about that wish be in there?  The kind of wishes we’re talking about today…

  • Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash

    Who Are You – Really?

    Think of how much has changed. In your whole life, just over the last few days, or whatever comes to mind. Go ahead. I’ll give you a moment to get a sense of it. Even if I don’t know you,…

  • 99

    Hello You and You and YOU and…

    Welcome to 99 – your weekly spiritual journey. I’m Andrew Chirch Each episode is like one step on a pilgrimage – and I’m so glad you’re here for this step.  Over the next 9 minutes or so, I invite you…

  • 99

    99: Introduction Episode

    Hi, I’m Andrew Chirch. Recently while riding on a crowded subway, I had an idea – a vision, actually, that I instantly knew was supposed to be shared.  It’s called 99 and it’s a little refresher you can indulge in…