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    Notes from the Field: Elation and Disappointment

    I keep making these recordings as I leave the hospital to capture what I’ve experienced. While I cannot share any identifying details to protect patient confidentiality, it feels important to remember these experiences. Today, I realize that I have a…

  • a little yellow flower growing from cracked, dried up mud

    Ashes, Dust, Tears, and Laughter

    This is a short update after a really intense week. I have been serving as a chaplain at a local hospital, and the experience has been so intense, I just had to share what it’s like. (Don’t worry, it isn’t…

  • unlearning everyday racism

    Unlearning Everyday Racism

    I recently spoke with Kalissa Scopes of Unlearning Everyday Racism. This was, at times, an emotional interview (for me). Not to spoil this, but toward the end of our conversation I ask Kalissa what she’s most afraid of. What she…

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    Meet Ebony Janice: What I Learned about White Supremacy Culture

    This summer, I had the privilege of meeting a visionary. Ebony Janice is self-described Womanist, Scholar, Activist, Teacher, Author, Student, Artist, Preacher, Transformational Speaker, Content Creator, Healer.  More than just self-described, I can attest that those labels don’t begin to capture…