2018 Election Season Special: How to get what you want

This is a special election season edition of Prolificate. Where I talk about finding everyday spirituality in our lives. 

Whatever your job, whatever your life experience, whatever you hope for the world to be, I want to offer you a moment of peace and perspective.

Are you angry? 

Do you want some things to change?

Do you want some things to stay the same?

Of course you do. I do too.

If we want to change things – or we want to preserve things – or both – let’s remember that the way we can reach our goal is by convincing others.

What’s the way to convince someone else? It isn’t with anger. 

Think about it… when was the last time you changed your mind because someone screamed at you loudly enough? 

Your goal is your goal. 

Anger is just energy, but it can be addictive.. When that happens, it gets in the way.

Take a moment to slow down here. 

Close your eyes if you want and let’s breathe together two times as I count… Just trust me.

From way down in your belly, breathe in for 4, hold, then out for 7 ready? 

In 2, 3, 4

Hold 2, 3

Out 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

One more

In 2, 3, 4

Hold 2, 3

Out 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7Come with me for just a moment. 

Imagine…. You’re standing in a clearing facing a group of people. You feel hot. Flushed. Angry. 

The people look angry as well. They’re frowning at you. Jostling each other. 

In your hand is a coal. It’s glowing red…. So hot, it’s burning your skin. 

That burning is getting more and more intense…. You squeeze your hand tighter around the coal. Something is controlling your hand and you can’t let go of the coal…. Every time you try it just gets worse. 

You wish you could throw the coal at the people. 


You wish you could plunge your hand in some cold water but there’s none around.

Hotter. Burning.

One of the people from the crowd steps forward toward you. 

Just as you start to become afraid, you realize that they are holding a pan of water and are offering it to you.

You still feel anger and also gratitude.

Plunging your hand into the water, the coal begins to get darker and cool. It’s warm now, not hurting. 

You suddenly notice that the other person looks sick and pale. They’re holding up their other hand – which had been hidden. 

In it is a coal – fiery red and burning their skin. You offer them the pan of water and they plunge their hand into it.

Feel your sympathy and understanding.

You know that pain. You’ve both felt the hot burning energy of those coals. 

Feel the thanks and gratitude coming from the other person. Witness their anger – still there but subsiding…

Your coal is still there. Still warm, but you’re not alone with it now.

Together with this new person, you turn to look at the crowd. See the way their faces look sick and pale. Notice the coals they’re all carrying.

Walk with your partner now toward the crowd. 

Carrying the water that you will offer them.

Breathing exercise…. Coming back to this place.

My friend, you are important. 

The things you want are important. Remember that you live in community – whether we like it or not, we are connected to each other in some way.

I may want you to change your mind. 

You may want me to change mine. 

Neither of us will do it with the out-of-control fire of anger alone. 

Honor that anger you feel, and also remember mine. 

May we offer water to each other as well. 

Friends, we are connected, like it or not.  

The only way for me to convince you – is to be willing to be convinced myself.

May we all be brave enough to remember. 

In kindness, please share this and repeat as necessary.