• Photo by Cassandra Hamer on Unsplash

    Revealing: the way you can make a difference

    Have you ever heard the saying that “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. There may be some truth there. But I want to take it to another level. This week’s topic is…

  • unlearning everyday racism

    Unlearning Everyday Racism

    I recently spoke with Kalissa Scopes of Unlearning Everyday Racism. This was, at times, an emotional interview (for me). Not to spoil this, but toward the end of our conversation I ask Kalissa what she’s most afraid of. What she…

  • Nikki Haley

    Race & Ethnicity: our Favorite Fairytales

    What is race? What is ethnicity? The photo above provides the perfect opening to this story. Is the woman in the photo White? Latina? Middle Eastern? If you don’t know her, her name is Nimrata Randhawa, now known as “Nikki” Haley — daughter…

  • Blog

    Immigrant or expat? It’s about power.

    Immigration Series: Part II In the previous post, I talked about the word immigrant as a label for people who move into a country or place. Like all language, ours contains subtlety and nuance. Use of the word immigrant, though it…