unlearning everyday racism

Unlearning Everyday Racism

with Kalissa Scopes

I recently spoke with Kalissa Scopes of Unlearning Everyday Racism.

Prolificate is about everyday spirituality and I never know where that topic might take me. In fact, you may wonder how racism has anything to do with spirituality.  

In this case, I’ve been exploring human connection: The ways we long for it, how (or if) it nourishes us, and whether it comes at a cost.

This was, at times, an emotional interview (for me). Kalissa has a very particular kind of groundedness, and because of this, she can go some places that not many people can

“It’s joyous!

“I was able to let go of needing to believe that I was *either* good or bad.”


As a trigger warning, we’re talking about love, joy, white supremacy, and our children—topics that you wouldn’t think fit together. But they do. Amazingly so.

Not to spoil this, but toward the end of our conversation, I ask Kalissa what she’s most afraid of. What she answered was profoundly moving.

I have to say I was almost speechless at the emotional energy present in what she shared.

I invite you to pay attention to what feelings are coming up for you after listening. If you are experiencing a strong response – whether positive or negative (or both) – it may be an invitation to do some gentle questioning with yourself. Simply noticing the nature and the amplitude of your reaction can be a great way to explore. Ask more questions… What am I feeling? Why might I be feeling this?

Until next time,

Go out into the world in peace, and have courage.

Hold on to what is good

Return to no one evil-for-evil.

Strengthen the fainthearted

Support the weak

Help the Suffering

Honor all beings – including you.