On the way. Wednesday, May 15th. Miami Airport.

It’s Wednesday, May 15th, 2024. I’m sitting in the Miami airport and am halfway through my 3-day “planes, (no) trains, and automobiles” journey to Gaia Sagrada retreat center outside Cuenca, Ecuador. 

When I get there, on Friday, I’ll have a day to settle in before we get started with the 12-day retreat. 

Because I’ve heard so much about this plant medicine and its intensity, I’ve been trying to prepare myself by reading about other people’s experiences. I’ve also been doing my best to heed their advice and tips.

Like many things, I’m probably overdoing the buildup for this experience, but I suppose it’s one way I deal with the unknown: There’s a part of me (named Atlas) whose job it is to try and anticipate all the things that might happen and to be uber-prepared for any of them. Atlas honest-to-God packed a Phillips screwdriver for this trip to the Andes. (It makes perfect sense once you think about it).

At any rate, Rachel Harris’ book is so far an interesting compilation of her personal experiences as well as those of her patients over many years of studying the kinds of healing, recovery, and psycho-spiritual breakthroughs that are possible. Maybe give it a read or listen.

I’ll be staying the night in Quito before catching another flight to Cuenca – a smaller colonial town of ~ 600,000 people up in the mountains.