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    On the way. Wednesday, May 15th. Miami Airport.

    https://www.listeningtoayahuasca.com It’s Wednesday, May 15th, 2024. I’m sitting in the Miami airport and am halfway through my 3-day “planes, (no) trains, and automobiles” journey to Gaia Sagrada retreat center outside Cuenca, Ecuador. 

When I get there, on Friday, I’ll have…

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    An Update

    Thank you for your support. Really.  Since my son Dillon’s series of seizures on April 17th, and his few days in hospital, he has been steadily recovering. In some ways, and to someone who has never met him, he appears…

  • Closeup of old decorative skeleton key tied to a heart wiht ribbon and all lying on green moss

    The key to ecstasy

    How do you know when you are at the end of something? Have you ever been to a “going away” party? Do you know how there’s that sadness initially because something is ending? A person is leaving the company, or…

  • little girl hiding in woman's white skirt holding a stuffed animal

    He Made Me Do it!

    I’m a minister and – One of the things I hate most about religions is how they get used to justify hurtful actions and words. An example: “Why did this bad thing happen to me?” or “why is this innocent…

  • Image of a small girl sleeping on a dirt path with a large dog watching over her. Girl has a lantern as if she is on a journey.


    When I was little, I remember wanting more than anything, the protection of my mother’s lap. If life seemed scary, or out of control, or I knew that my little 7 year-old self had gotten in over his head, mom…

  • An exploding planet viewed from space. Planet has light showing out between the cracked pieces that are coming apart.

    Why You Should (Sometimes) Welcome Dying

    Welcome to 99 – brought to you by Prolificate.com, where I offer interfaith inspiration, mentoring, and support. I’m your host Andrew Chirch – Interfaith minister and spiritual coach for real people like you. The idea for 99 comes from the…

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    How to Save Your Business in 30 Days

    So – you’re stressed beyond belief. The business you’ve dreamed of your whole life has shown moments of promise – maybe even moments of brilliance – but you just can’t seem to keep it going. You’re trying to keep customers…

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    Show Money Who is Boss in Your Business

    Don’t let money run the show. I’ve spent most of my adult life around money. So I don’t sound like a complete pompous ass here, let me clarify: I’ve spent my life around OTHER people’s money…Lots of it. I’ve been…

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    Get Scarcity Thinking Out of Your Finances

    Series: Figuring out your Personal finances. One of the things I do is help people figure out their personal finances. From planning for retirement, to figuring out how to buy out your long-time business partner, money is always a piece…

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    Resolving Conflict in Your Business

    Your partner just did that annoying thing AGAIN. This has to be the third time in the last few weeks and it’s driving you insane. How can he not know how ridiculous and insulting it is when he does that?…