Head and shoulders photo of a smiling Ann Marie seated on a beige sofa against a calm, clean neutral-colored background Photo is taken from slightly above.

Raising Sparks: An Interview with Ann Marie Coletta

Welcome to another special Interview Episode of Prolificate where we get to hear from Ann Marie Coletta, the fierce and authentic founder of Raising Sparks Interfaith Ministry in one of San Francisco’s toughest neighborhoods, The Tenderloin.

Ann Marie is one of the most moving interviews I’ve done, and for good reason. She has a way of sharing her experiences – which are incredible and can be a little scary – with a gentleness and care that’s unlike anyone you’ll ever meet.

She has been there, and done that for over twenty years as an all-star social worker, practicing Zen Buddhist, and a recovering alcoholic who tells it like it is.

I hope you appreciate this as much as I did. Enjoy.

If you want to connect with Raising Sparks, you can find their website (coming soon at the time I’m writing this) at https://raisingsparksinthestreets.com/. Their phone number is (415) 933-5955 or email raisingsparksinthestreets@gmail.com

Blessings to you for listening and caring.

Blessings to Ann Marie and those she is walking with.

Don’t forget, that a prolific world includes each and every one of us. May we both be encouraged by this story.

Go out into the world in peace and have courage

Hold on to what is good

Return to no person evil for evil.

Strengthen the fainthearted,

Support the weak.

Help the suffering, and

honor all beings.

Including you.