Ali Boone, Spiritual Entrepreneur

Meet Ali Boone – Spiritual Engineer and Real Estate Investor

I had the pleasure of interviewing a real dynamo this week. Ali Boone is a serial achiever. With a background in aerospace engineering and real estate investing, Ali’s life path has been pretty impressive when viewed from the outside. 

What was more impressive to me is what’s going on inside. While it may look like she is slowing down (going from working hard for someone else in the corporate world to working hard for herself as an entrepreneur, Ali embraced Lifestyle Design. Though she often works from an RV at the beach and travels more, she isn’t working less these days. It just looks different.  

Ali Boone, Entrepreneur and Spiritual Seeker
Ali Boone, Spiritual Seeker and Enterpreneur

“I was absolutely in love, but I had no idea how to actually experience that—how to be with that feeling.”

Ali Boone

Have a listen as she shares the hard, soul-searching and internal work she is doing now spiritually. My favorite part may have been when I asked her what scared her.

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