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    The Truth About Love is Hiding in Plain Sight.

    I’m Andrew Chirch, an Interfaith advisor and coach. 99 is a special weekly podcast series where we meet for 9 minutes to regroup, re-center ourselves, and prepare for the work ahead. Subscribe here to listen on your favorite podcast app,…

  • Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash

    This is why You are Perfect

    Think of how much has changed. In your whole life, just over the last few days, or whatever comes to mind. Go ahead. I’ll give you a moment to get a sense of it. Even if I don’t know you,…

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    The Secret of Our Suffering

    What is your purpose in this life? Why have you had to suffer so much? How is it that some people have opportunities fall in their lap while you’re over here working twice as hard for half as much? It’s…

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    Quickly Finding your Strongest Self

    Rhythm. Balance Strength. Softness. In dance, all of these things come together in just the right way. Too much of any one pulls things off balance, but when you get just the right mix, you rise above – unstoppable and…

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    Breakthrough the B.S. by Bringing All of You

    Welcome to 99 – your weekly spiritual journey. I’m Andrew Chirch Do you know how there are parts of you that are fun? or smart? or generous and how great it is when you get to be that person?  What…

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    Find Your Greatness

    Welcome to 99 – a weekly spiritual journey. I’m Andrew Chirch Each episode is like one step on a pilgrimage – and I’m so glad you’re here for this step.  Over the next 9 minutes or so, I invite you…